How to Make Lavender Oil

Want to enjoy the soothing scent of fresh flowers in your bath and beauty products? Watch the video and see how to infuse olive oil with lavender flowers.vender Oil


Lavender Oil Lotion  Recipe. A simple recipe for lavender oil lotion can be a natural and inexpensive solution.

Only two ingredients are needed: therapeutic grade pure essential lavender oil and Grape Seed Oil. Simply put a few drops of Grape Seed Oil in the palm of your hand. Then add one drop of lavender essential oil. Mix these two ingredients together with a finger. Finally, apply topically to stressed skin.

Lavender flowers and a bee.

 Lavender flowers and a bee, by Hans.


A convenient way to carry your lotion lavender oil with you all days, pre-mixed in a glass bottle. Almost fill a bottle of an ounce or two of glass with Grape Seed Oil. Then add 15-20 drops of essential oil of lavender. Shake the bottle to mix thoroughly. Carry it in your pocket, purse or briefcase and are applied as needed during the day.

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Grape Seed Oil acts as a moisturizer for the skin. It also acts as a vehicle for the essential oil of lavender to spread more evenly when applied. Other quality vegetable oils you can use are the extra virgin olive oil, sweet almond oil, and macadamia oil. There are also some vegetable oil blends on the market for therapeutic uses. The one I prefer is called Vegetable Oil Complex V-6 improved.

When using any essential oil, including lavender, for reasons of health and healing, be sure that it is a pure therapeutic grade oil. Pure oils should be carefully steam distilled from organically grown plant material. Synthetic oils or diluted with other substances can still smell good, but do not have the same healing properties of pure essential oils therapeutic grade.

The combination of the healing properties of lavender essential oil pure vegetable oil is a simple and inexpensive way to support your skin as it strengthens and heals. Enjoy the benefits of using natural ingredients, pure in his house blend of lavender lotion.

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Lavender Oil



Purple Lavender, photo by Sue330.


Lavender oil is considered the most useful of all essential oils. Originally an inhabitant of the Mediterranean countries, this perennial herb has long been recognized for its exotic perfume and medicinal properties. Used in past by the ancient Romans for its healing and antiseptic qualities, the name itself comes from the Latin lavare or to wash. Tibetans still make an edible lavender butter to use as part of a traditional treatment for nervous disorders. Today, the essential oil of lavender is widely used across Europe and North America.

Lavender is a beautiful herb in your garden. It has gray-green, pointing leaves that grow in a bushy, spreading manner. It is crowned with tall spikes of beautiful pale violet flowers during summer. As an ornamental flower, lavender is unique, sporting exotic fragrance, beauty and a rich harvest of sweet smelling blooms. Old English Lavender, a popular inhabitant of a cottage garden, can grow up to two to three feet high, producing fragrant grayish leaves and blue/purple flowers.

The more compact variety Hidcote, has darker blue flowers, grows to around a foot high and is very pretty in any flower or herb garden. The easiest way to propagate lavender is to cut softwood cuttings in the spring. However, as lavender benefits from a light pruning in early autumn, these clippings make excellent new plants too, as long as you protect them from frosts and winter bite.

With its flowery fragrance Lavender is the most versatile and useful oil. If you are a newbie to essential oils, you may need to start here by using lavender oil. Called the Swiss army knife of essential oils, because of its versatility, lavender is very soothing to sun burnt skin and is used to cleanse cuts and skin irritations.

Essential oil of lavender has strong disinfectant properties and was even used in wars to prevent infection. A drop of lavender oil mixed with a teaspoon of carrier oil, such as grape seed and massaged into the temples is relaxing. Occasionally, just a small cotton ball with droplets of lavender near your pillow helps me drift off to a deep sleep.

You can also use lavender, by scenting a relaxing and antiseptic bath by slowly adding lavender droplets and letting the bath water run over it as it fills the bath. Fresh lavender flowers are excellent for bath too.

Dried lavender is a tool to experience the sheer aromatic properties in a relaxed ambiance. To dry your lavender, strip the leaves or the just opening flowers from the stalk and spread out in a warm place, before using in pot pourris to fragrance your rooms. Around your home, dried lavender stalks can be burned like incense sticks or burned on the fire for their wonderful fragrance.

Watch the video How to Make Lavender Oil.


Facts About Gourmet Vanilla Beans

The most authentic, natural form of gourmet vanilla available is the vanilla bean. These dried, cured pods of the vanilla orchid can be difficult to find and costly to purchase, but their fresh, intense flavor and aroma makes them irreplaceable to gourmets and connoisseurs.


 Drying vanilla beans mauritius plantation culture, photo by bigfoot.

Though there are many species of vanilla orchids throughout the world, only three major cultivars are used to produce vanilla products and all three of those cultivars were derived from the vanilla planifolia orchid. Native to the Gulf coast of Mexico, vanilla planifolia was cultivated by the ancient Pre-Colombian people of Mesoamerica. It is believed that vanilla was first introduced to Europe by Spanish explorer Hernan Cortez, who sent vanilla from Mexico back to Spain in the early 1500s.

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These beans arrived plump, juicy, and fragrant. When I scrape the beans, there is so much vanilla in there. I have left them in the same resealable foil pouch in which they arrived and they have remained plump and soft since I purchased them a number of months ago.I am especially happy about this purchase since I was burned by Spicely’s last shipment of vanilla beans that were hard and dry and I could barely scrape anything out of them. When I emailed customer service about it, they told me it was normal…I don’t thinks so! Thanks for nothing Spicely! I will only be buying from Starwest Botanicals from now on!  Review by Ari Lala “arilala”,  Lenox, MA United States.


 Hand pollinating a vanilla orchid, by ndali vanilla.


In the late 19th century vanilla production began in Madagascar and Indonesia, which took over as the leading vanilla producers after the Mexican revolution devastated the vanilla growing operations on Mexico’s Gulf Coast. Vanilla grown there is generally referred to as Bourbon or Madagascar-Bourbon vanilla. Production also started up in regions of the south Pacific, notably Tahiti, and is now botanically classified as vanilla Tahitiensis, or Tahitian Vanilla. A small amount of vanilla is commercially produced in the West Indies and South and Central America, from a subspecies botanically known as vanilla pompona.


Location, location, location

Where vanilla beans come from is the single most important factor in determining their flavor, aroma, and other characteristics. Mexican, Madagascar-Bourbon, and Tahitian vanillas all offer their own variations on the vanilla theme, but even plants of the same species grown as little as a few miles apart may differ significantly from each other.


Bourbon-Madagascar beans are renowned for their intense, rich flavor and powerful aroma. The beans are long and slender with a thick, resilient, oily skin, and the pods contain a large number of potent vanilla seeds.

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Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Paste is made with our famous Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract with the addition of real seeds from the vanilla pod, combined in a slightly viscous base. It is used whenever the distinctive look of vanilla seeds is desired. Pure Vanilla Bean Paste is used measure for measure the same as Pure Vanilla Extract or to replace whole vanilla beams in recipes.


Mexican vanilla beans look very similar to Bourbon beans, and Mexican bean pods contain an abundance of vanilla seeds. The flavor of Mexican vanilla is smoother, creamier, and more mellow, and their aroma is spicy and sweet.

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Mexican Vanilla Totonacs is defined by the satisfaction of their customers and the 100 percent pure vanilla extract that is used in every bottle. The selling point of our vanilla is the great flavor and a vanilla bean inside. Besides the flavor that you can use in your dessert, confections and pastry recipes.


Tahitian beans are short and plump, with thin skins. They typically have a very high oil content, but fewer seeds that Bourbon or Mexican beans. The flavor and aroma of Tahitian beans sets them apart, with strong fruity and floral notes.

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Fabulous aromatic gourmet Tahitian variety of vanilla beans from Papua New Guinea. Great in any dish!


What to look for in vanilla beans

Top quality beans are smooth and oily to the touch. Extreme dryness or cracking can be a bad sign. Buy vanilla beans from a reputable merchant. Remember, high quality vanilla beans aren’t cheap, so if you find a merchant offering a large amount of beans at a very low cost there’s almost certainly something amiss. With vanilla beans (as with just about everything else), if the deal seems to good to be true …. it probably is.

There’s more to gourmet vanilla than beans – visit Gourmet Vanilla to find out about the many gourmet vanilla products available.